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Clarinet Quartet
Woodwind Quintet
Wind Quartet at The Main
Woodwind Quintet
Woodwind Trio
Making the Best of the COVID Situation
Thanks to the hard work of several of our members, chamber music groups have been meeting to play together in safe environments over the past few weeks! Trumpeter Laurie Diehl and Flutist Kathy Rundell have been putting together duets, trios, quartets, and quintets in socially distanced and safe settings so our musicians can get back to enjoying the great pleasure of making music together. 
Most recently, band members (past and present) gathered in the parking lot of Trinity Lutheran Church - our concert home - and in a large public space at The Main Apartments. Many thanks to member Paul Isaacson for sending some pictures of those gatherings! As the weather turns colder in the coming weeks, our small groups will only be able to continue in safe indoor spaces.
If you - or someone you know - would like to offer up a large and safe rehearsal space for our groups, please contact Dave Fodor at:
2015 Lighthouse Concert
2015 Independence Day Parades
2015 Wilmette Historical Society
2015 Spring Concert Rehearsal
WCB Clarinets & Flutes
Wilmette Historical Society Concert
2015 Lighthouse Day Concert
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