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Band Board Positions for 2023-24

Please apply for a position by 9/22.

Voting will take place on 9/29.

Open Positions for 2023-24

Personnel Manager​

•    Maintain an up-to-date membership list; update current and past band rosters and contact information on Website as needed (in consult with Tech Support Chair).

•    Update concert and rehearsal attendance worksheet on Website (in consult with Tech Support Chair who updates online).

•    Head recruiting efforts and serve as a contact person for new members; prepare and distribute a “new-member” packet.

•    Serve as the contact, with copy to Conductor, for all band members who have a conflict or will be unable to make rehearsal or concert dates.

Fundraising Chair Elect (take over in 2024)

•    Solicit ads and donations from local businesses and other donors, and keep track of all program donations. 

•    Provide list of donors to both the Treasurer for record keeping and to the Publicity/PR Manager for placement of ads in the print program and online. 

•    Write and mail thank you notes to all donors after each concert, enclosing a program copy. 

•    Develop and coordinate other projects, as appropriate, to raise funds.



•    Create folder labels and prepare music folders in September.

•    Place new concert series music into folders for first rehearsal after each concert.       

•    Acquire music (from WCB library, ETHS, or other sources) at least two weeks before the start of a new concert series.

•    Review all parts, create extra parts as needed, replace missing parts, and prepare music for sorting into folders.

•    Clean out old music from folders after each concert, sorting and returning music in score order to original locations.

•    Obtain new paper folders when needed (free from Quinlin & Fabish).

•    Take out and put away music for each rehearsal; transport music to appropriate locations, as necessary.

•    Maintain music library worksheet and “Tunes Played” worksheet on Website (in consult with Tech Support Chair).


Property Manager(s)

•    Set up weekly rehearsal space; move tables, etc., as needed; place and put away podium.

•    Help with percussion equipment setup/teardown, as needed.

•    Transport percussion and other large band equipment to concert performances.

•    Store band’s folding chairs and transport them when needed for offsite performances. (Note: Sally Nador agreed to continue this responsibility.)


Social Activity Chair

•    Plan events as appropriate to provide bonding and connections between band members. 

Current 2022-2023 Slate for the WCB BOARD

President - Jeff Urban

Vice President/Business Manager - Bob Taylor

Secretary - Dennis Jasieniecki

Treasurer - Jeff Ring

Personnel Manager - 

Fundraising Chair - Terry Fertig (final year)

Librarian(s) - Maddie Jones

Equipment Manager(s) - 

Tech Support - Paul Isaacson

Historian - Jim Skelton

Publicity/Program - Rob Linsenmeier

Social Activity Chair - 

Members-At-Large - Dan Freedman, Jackie Tilles, and Sally Nador

Link to PDF of job descriptions for all positions

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